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Platinum Seat Ghosts Draft Tools

Hello everyone,

I have put together a top-150 aggregate draft rankings in preparation for Friday's draft. If you have never seen my rankings, they attempt to aggregate rankings from 10 of the more well-known scouting services and media outlets. Along with the rankings, I've prepared a couple tools to provide as much info about a prospect as possible. Both tools work the best if you full screen the web browser.

The first tableau visual is simply a table that has selectable columns/statistics, that can be subsequently sorted. The first box on the right hand side allows you to choose which columns to display. Once you have selected a column, if you would then like to sort the list using it, go to the top of the column and press the sort button. The second and third boxes allow you to filter prospects by position and league. The lists is long, and can be scrolled through. This tool contains 344 draft eligible prospects.

The second tableau tool visualizes the top-150 aggregate rankings, while still providing full profile if you scroll over, or click on the the player. The visual should be read as such: the left hand side of the green bar is the highest ranking, and the right hand side of the red bar is the lowest ranking. Where the red and the green meet is the prospect's average ranking. On the right hand side, you can filter to see only the segment of the rankings you'd like (the visual will re-format to best fit the # you choose), as well as filtering out by position and handedness. This tool contains only the top-150 prospects.

While I have played with both of these a little bit, there could very well still be errors or areas of improvement. If you find errors (not weight or height!), please let me know. If you have ideas to make these visual work better for you, send me a DM on Twitter. I'm not stubborn about the formatting.

I will also have a couple more additions to this page in the next couple days such as draft rankings over time for the top prospects, and a text version of the top-150 prospects if that floats your boat.

If you would like to play around with all the data I have collected, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at platinumseatghosts at gmail dot com. I can't give you everything, but almost.

None of this would've been possible if not for the following resources:


OHL, WHL, QMJHL, USHL primary points:

Height, weight, statistics, birthdates, birthplaces, position:


Future Considerations, June 2nd 2016 (top-211):, June 7th 2016 (top-211):

North American Central Scouting, June 12th 2016 (top-200):

ISS Hockey, June 1 2016 (top-200):

Scouting Reports

Would like to give a huge thanks to all these people who did a great job in providing small scouting reports for over 150 prospects:

@rachdoerrie – Check her blog out:
@bennygallant – ISS Intern Scout
@twhit46 – ISS Amateur Scout
@YakovMironov & @PuckDontLie – Check out their work:
@ShawnReis – Check out his work:
@RDFigs19 -

And without wasting anymore of your time:

11Auston MatthewsCZSCNLA362422461.2120.4
22Patrik LaineRW/LWTapparaLiiga461716331.8120.4
33Jesse PuljujärviRWKärpätLiiga501315283.0330.0
44Matthew TkachukLWLondonOHL5730771074.5460.7
55Pierre-Luc DuboisCCape BretonQMJHL624257995.2481.3
68Olli JuoleviDLondonOHL57933427.85112.3
76Alexander NylanderLWMississaugaOHL572847758.06121.9
89Clayton KellerCUS U18USDP533057878.64133.1
910Mikhail SergachyovDWindsorOHL671740579.96173.2
1014Logan BrownCWindsorOHL592153749.97152.8
1112Tyson JostRWPentictonBCHL48426210411.17193.4
127Jacob ChychrunDSarniaOHL6211384911.26173.3
1313Jake BeanDCalgaryWHL6824406414.810193.1
1411Michael McLeodCMississaugaOHL5721406114.97204.0
1516Dante FabbroDPentictonBCHL4514536715.210244.0
1617Charles McAvoyDBoston UNCAA373252817.111265.4
1720Kieffer BellowsCUS U18USDP5341286917.813273.9
1819Luke KuninCUniv. of WisconsinNCAA3419133218.216211.8
1918German RubtsovCRussia U18MHL2812142618.713234.1
2021Max JonesLWLondonOHL6328245220.713429.0
2115Julien GauthierRWVal-d'OrQMJHL5441165722.816437.6
2222Riley TufteLWFargoUSHL27931226.921458.8
2323Alex DeBrincatRWErieOHL60515911027.015376.7
24 Brett HowdenLWMoose JawWHL6824406427.818426.9
2524Logan StanleyDWindsorOHL645121729.1145512.2
2625Rasmus AsplundC/LWFärjestad BKSHL46481231.221549.6
2727Pascal LabergeC/LWVictoriavilleQMJHL5623456834.5235810.9
28 Boris KatchoukLWSault Ste MarieOHL6324275134.6226914.2
29 Tage ThompsonCUniv. of ConnecticutNCAA3614183236.2249321.3
30 Vitali AbramovLW/RWGatineauQMJHL6338559336.4217116.2
31 Kale ClagueDBrandonWHL716374337.122559.4
32 Jordan KyrouRWSarniaOHL6517345138.6286913.4
33 Dennis CholowskiDChilliwackBCHL5012284038.8188019.1
3428Tyler BensonLWVancouverWHL309192839.1185511.5
35 Libor HájekDSaskatoonWHL693232639.7268417.6
36 Will BittenC/RWFlintOHL6730356540.8257315.2
3730Taylor RaddyshRWErieOHL6724497341.428589.3
38 Carl GrundströmLWMODO HockeySHL49791642.6266712.4
39 Carter HartGEverettWHL632.140.918 43.0245912.7
4026Dillon DubeLWKelownaWHL6526406643.0286011.0
41 Sam SteelCReginaWHL7223477043.7297313.8
42 Nathan BastianRWMississaugaOHL6419405945.6228220.7
43 Lucas JohansenDKelownaWHL6910394945.6287214.6
44 Filip GustavssonGLulea J20SuperElit203.220.893 46.1296816.7
45 Adam FoxDUS U18USDP649505946.8278318.3
4629Samuel GirardDShawiniganQMJHL6710647448.2237819.8
47 Ryan LindgrenDUS U18USDP616192550.2368016.5
48 Cliff PuC/RWLondonOHL6312193151.1188423.5
49 Markus NiemelainenDSaginawOHL651262751.9286813.5
50 Jonathan DahlenCTimra IKAllsvenskan5115142952.4247914.5
51 Adam MascherinC/LWKitchenerOHL6535468153.1347813.3
52 Tyler ParsonsGLondonOHL492.330.921 55.6318418.3
53 Janne KuokkanenLWKarpat U20Jr. A SM-liiga4722315357.3318218.6
54 Cameron MorrisonC/LWYoungstownUSHL6034326658.4339016.7
55 Evan FitzpatrickGSherbrooke PhoenixQMJHL542.330.921 60.3508010.3
56 Cam DineenDNorth BayOHL6813465962.3228824.5
57 Trent FredericCUSNTDPUSDP5216163263.2388515.9
58 Noah GregorCMoose JawWHL7228457364.3487710.5
59 Luke GreenDSaint JohnQMJHL6110253565.2478813.7
60 Victor MeteDLondonOHL688303868.04210821.3
61 Chad KrysDUSNTDPUSDP443222570.83912628.3
62 Tim GettingerLWSault Ste MarieOHL6017223971.75110118.2
63 Jacob MoverareDHV 71 J20SuperElit414162072.22913529.8
64 Givani SmithRWGuelphOHL6523194273.34110622.4
65 Henrik BorgstromFHIFK U20Jr. A SM-liiga4029265573.73413732.6
66 Joey AndersonRWUS U18USDP6427305773.93310223.0
67 Wade AllisonRWTri-CityUSHL5625224773.93617842.9
68 Sean DayDMississaugaOHL576162274.34710320.7
69 Filip HronekDHK Hradec KraloveCzech4004474.63815634.7
70 Jacob CederholmDHV 71 J20SuperElit3514578.24110322.8
71 James GreenwayDUSNTDPUSHL25281078.73713933.2
72 Andrew PeekeDGreen BayUSHL562262880.86112318.8
73 Yegor KorshkovRWLokomotiv YaroslavlKHL41661281.14312130.1
74 Joseph WollGUS U18USDP332.140.918 81.73713832.1
75 Frederic AllardDChicoutimiQMJHL6414455982.04915837.2
76 Linus LindstromCSkellefteå AIK J20SuperElit4014304483.04313427.5
77 Matt FilipeC/LWCedar RapidsUSHL5619173683.65312824.3
78 Max LajoieDSwift CurrentWHL628293787.85211520.5
79 Artur KayumovLWRussia U18MHL3912193187.94820147.5
80 Otto SomppiCHalifaxQMJHL5913334688.04611223.2
81 Jack KopackaLWSault Ste MarieOHL6720234389.04515031.9
82 Joshua MahuraDRed DeerWHL201189.96220143.3
83 Zach SawchenkoGMoose JawWHL513.040.916 90.56313024.6
84 Aapeli RasanenCTappara U20Jr. A SM-liiga5019193891.15215739.3
85 Jesper BrattRWAIKAllsvenskan48891793.14913028.4
86 Mitchell MattsonCBloomingtonUSHL2120293.43714737.8
87 Eetu TuulolaRWHPK U20Jr. A SM-liiga29951493.45414626.3
88 Jordan SambrookDErieOHL679182793.54813731.7
89 Simon StranskyLWPrince AlbertWHL6219436293.86017036.9
90 Beck MalenstynCCalgaryWHL708172595.35613623.7
91 Dmitri SokolovC/WSudburyOHL6830225295.62715034.5
92 Vojtech BudikDPrince AlbertWHL703131697.44314228.5
93 Connor HallDKitchenerOHL3927998.14014133.4
94 Carsen TwarynskiLW/DCalgaryWHL6720254599.06213323.7
95 Tanner KaspickC/LWBrandonWHL53131831101.67016527.6
96 Vladimir KuznetsovLWAcadie-BathurstQMJHL68253358101.88612711.9
97 Connor BunnamanCKitchenerOHL68162238102.07413218.0
98 Max ZimmerFChicagoUSHL55162137103.9921219.0
99 Benjamin GleasonDHamiltonOHL6672633104.46413021.3
100 David BernhardtDDjurgardens IF J20SuperElit45102838104.64915128.9
101 Dylan WellsGPeterboroughOHL274.590.871 106.37214927.1
102 Colton PointGCarleton Pl.CCHL332.160.915 109.08216734.4
103 Josh AndersonDPrince GeorgeWHL39156110.16118637.7
104 Hudson ElynuikLW/CSpokaneWHL56192544111.25716141.1
105 Oskar SteenC/RWFärjestad BK J20SuperElit3382432113.06215233.6
106 David QuennevilleDMedicine HatWHL64144155113.35715137.0
107 Ty RonningRWVancouverWHL67312859113.58315926.6
108 William KnierimRWDubuqueUSHL53141327115.05320152.8
109 Jonathan AngC/RWPeterboroughOHL68212849115.66516740.6
110 Will LockwoodRWUS U18USDP59132033116.27119749.3
111 Mikhail BerdinGRussia U18MHL222.070.928 116.47914323.8
112 Lucas CarlssonDBrynäs IFSHL35459116.66520149.1
113 Brandon GignacCShawiniganQMJHL67243761116.98320145.9
114 Mikhail MaltsevDRussia U18MHL29111223117.48015128.8
115 Travis BarronLWOttawaOHL60132437119.07914727.1
116 Markus NurmiRW/LWTPS U20Jr. A SM-liiga49191736119.26718546.0
117 Rem PitlickCMuskegonUSHL56464389120.66919334.8
118 Maxime FortierRWHalifaxQMJHL68314677121.07020147.6
119 Otto MakinenFTappara U20Jr. A SM-liiga47111930121.07019643.8
120 Mathias FromRW/LWRogle BK J20SuperElit3661521121.57421248.5
121 Keaton MiddletonDSaginawOHL66167121.58121251.4
122 Graham McPheeLWUS U18USDP5810818123.27716536.0
123 Evan CormierGSaginawOHL583.720.890 123.510714015.2
124 Cole CandellaDHamiltonOHL3741620124.49915724.1
125 Brett MurrayLWCarleton Pl.CCHL48143246124.77419943.0
126 Michael PezzettaCSudburyOHL64101828125.86618245.4
127 Adam BrooksCReginaWHL723882120126.25320164.2
128 Jack LaFontaineGJanesvilleNAHL412.160.921 126.26716242.3
129 Riley StillmanDOshawaOHL6261521126.68119243.7
130 Griffin LuceDUS U18USDP643811129.05621058.4
131 Jordan StallardCCalgaryWHL68212849129.28020156.8
132 Matthew CairnsDGeorgetownOJHL4692433129.37720156.2
133 Matthew PhillipsCVictoriaWHL72373976131.33320463.1
134 Brayden BurkeLWLethbridgeWHL722782109133.04620353.4
135 Dylan GambrellDUniv. of DenverNCAA41173047134.08520155.4
136 Nick PastujovLWUS U18USDP6013821134.89618939.0
137 Ondrej ValaDKamloopsWHL7241721139.710018937.3
138 Dmitri AlexeyevDRussia U18MHL303710140.46421264.1
139 Nicholas CaamanoRWFlintOHL6420727141.66720153.7
140 Yegor RykovDSKA-1946 St. PetersburgMHL203710141.85920150.5
141 Ilya KarpukhinDRussia U18MHL21145142.06021267.7
142 Jacob NeveuDRouyn-NorandaQMJHL5921416144.06921246.8
143 Kyle MaksimovichLWErieOHL68274471145.48120145.8
144 Tim WahlgrenCMODO Hockey J20SuperElit39202545145.88721252.6
145 Ondrej NajmanCHC Dukla Jihlava U20Czech U2038182644145.812020129.3
146 Tarmo ReunanenDTPS U20Jr. A SM-liiga11246146.07921246.7
147 Jamie ArmstrongLWAvon Old Farms SchoolUSHS27222951148.79319138.1
148 Erich FearDSpringfieldNAHL5621012149.28221263.3
149 Hayden VerbeekCSault Ste MarieOHL63142034149.410420136.0
150 Jeff de WitCRed DeerWHL7071522149.67121255.3

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